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Its Been 30 Years Since the Revolution

Its been 30 years since the revolution ;
It's crazy to talk about it…
Let sleeping dogs lie!
That's prudent…Yes!

What the hell!
"You had to be there!"
I often hear them say…or…
"If you remember the
you weren't there!"

All that glib rhetoric and fond nostalgic
musing …

but some of us are more bitter
than all that …

Some of us counted the dead
and we still do:
for it was described
as a spiritual revolution:

We walk midst the living dead
Dead of Spirit
And watch the shadow of the beast
Grow each day.

The collective consciousness
had been tweeked
by a deepened level of perception

I can't imagine a creator
so dull He wouldn't be privy
to every detail of His creation!
His Largess to share
This vision with all
Who wish to

When acid was applied
to the human mind field
a spiritual explosion occurred
echoing throughout
the entire arena of the consciousness
of the species!

People in power
were running for cover
and true
was a foot

The individual began to recognize
the importance and relevance
of his unique perception
and link to the larger reality.

The stage had been set by the "Beats"
And the "Hippies" took up the standard
Right there everything went wrong.!

This revolution
was an internal awakening
an evolutionary step
in the development
of the human mind …

Coinciding with
the advent
of global consciousness.

By its nature the revolution eclipsed
Private ownership
And all forms of Prejudice

Small wonder the status quo
Were worried
But they wouldn't be worried long
Before you could turn around
the revolution
became a football
for every cause you can imagine
except the revolution itself!

So the status quo
put flowers in their hair
joined the circle dance
and the point of departure within
was right then …forgotten

the powers that
Breathed a sigh of relief …
And cashed in
Business as usual.

The war machine
Found new killing fields
In Vietnam Flower children
Found the opium of weed
And free love

The intellectuals
were dumb struck
when rock and roll
stepped on bebop jazz
like an annoying bug
and poetry was stopped
dead in its tracks

Where did the consciousness go
In all of this?
What happen to the freedom of spirit
How could so much joy and enlightenment just disappear
as quickly as it had come!!!

How could the mundane
drone of life (as it was before )
return with such an
all pervading crunch!
as if nothing had happened...

Now days I'm challenged by the youth
I'm suffering from some grand illusion
About the total freedom that was felt

Well it wasn't a revolution
in the traditional sense.
There was no Lenin (not even John)
Or Sun Yet San
Or some guys in a back room
Planning a take over

It was an awakening
from within the heart
of the collective sub-conscious
and you'd have to be numb not to feel it ;sadly many were!

But still it was it was unmistakable
anyone who was "experienced"
Will attest to it being inexplicable

As if a light had gone on
And a burden lifted

But by the same token
They can't explain
How it slipped away

And the darkness returned
As if at the end of a beautiful day

And with the darkness
the stupefying yoke
of service to worldly powers
and mundane chores

All that remained
were some new "leaders"
Claiming "they" started it all

But the "experienced"
Were not fooled for a moment…
Yet what could they say
as it all faded
Out of view

History sights the 1860's
As having had a prophetic quality too
Its sadly funny to think of something
as joyful as that
as history

Granted sometimes I see the results
of the enlightenment
in this or that
and how the morays of the youth
differ so beautifully
But it all seems sadly minuscule
More like a 2% kind of impact
Euphoric and ecstatic…Not!!!