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If You Choose to Love
This is not a
Dangerous piece of writing
Nor is it a thriller
No ice pick hidden behind
A torn skirt
No small revolver in a bottom drawer
No vial of poison
Stands at the ready

The second verse however
Is not so benign
And threatens to inject
Malignant images into
Your grey matter and
Leave you howling
At the moon

May I suggest you return
To the 1st verse for your
Own safety… Or leave the
Entire poem immediately
And don’t look back for fear of
Being turned into a pillar of salt

Humor, forgiveness and acceptance
Will dislodge ignorance,
Pragmatic realism and denial
Inviting the infinite understanding to be
Found on the blessed blank canvas of grace
Hiding beneath the illusion
Of the separateness of the self
These words penetrate the virgin page
Like arterial blood
Inscribing brilliant red images
Onto fresh fallen snow
This then is not what it seems
For in truth, nothing is!
This then stands as
An illusion
You however are real in the moment
Of your discovery of
The illusion presented here
If you choose in this moment
You may enter the
Ecstatic bliss of awareness
Or you could continue to loiter around
By the doors of perception
Hoping something or somebody
Will invite you in;
Until that happens
Let me entertain you with a song

Here is the melody I’ll sing…
One which has grown up
Out of the beauty
I’ve found in you
These rhythms were given to me
By the ancients
To share with you
As we pass over
The bridge
That our love has constructed
To lead us back to the ancestors…

These harmonies
Were divined reflecting
Upon the sky within
Your loving soul
You are as a sailing vessel
Upon the mystic sea
And I am
Blessed to share
Such a passage rite
With you
Here now to the lyric
Of our song
You are of course welcome
To sing along

Blessed be our sky
And those who
Have appeared
Beneath it
Blessed be the clouds
And the shade
That helps us in our passing
Blessed be the passing
For we return and
Return again and
Yet again
Blessed be the forgiveness
For it affords the
Blessed be your understanding too
Still the melody hangs
In the crisp clean air
Nature has her way
Of honoring things

I remember
A clear October sky
A brilliant blue…
The swirling wind’s shapes
Are defined
By the air borne fallen leaves
Racing around in spirals

I see the trees
Are talking to the wind,
Everywhere there are leaves
Speaking in brilliant colours
Of the winter’s coming

One can only see the shape of the wind
By the things it touches
Like the clouds up in the sky
You can’t see the wind itself at all

I have senses
One to five
And they remind me
I’m still alive. I wonder
“Is what I’m seeing
Really real?”
As I see through
The illusion
May I trust in
What I feel?
May I enter your frame of mind
with this observation?
Lately I’m wondering
If what I think
Is really true,
“Why do I do the things I do?”

It would seem that
The world and I
Don’t quite see
Eye to eye!
Like the baby
Gives voice
To the love
That brought him here,
We stand
Without a future
Without a history
And so escape through the present
Into eternity
Into the timeless ruin
We spin these crazy rhymes
Our future’s on our palms
I read between the lines

Mental junk like that holds no turmoil for me.
All this clutter and confusion…
Some how my soul has passed beyond
The impulse to organize it all
Even this sheet of paper was given me
And after all this language is borrowed too
Though I think of it as my own
Yes my identity has gradually faded away
I am left with myself…and me
Much like Swiss cheese, full of holes
I exist for the most part within the whole
And so my persona has melted away
Like a waxen figurine
That has come too close to the flame…
It’s like I’m made of glass
I’m in a holding area
Waiting for the play to begin
Ready to deliver lines

These are not
     The words to a song
These are not
The words to a piece of poetry
These are not
The words to a compelling
These are not the words
To a grocery list
Or a bulletin board
These are not the words
To a description
Of some form
Of reality
These are not the words
To a personal expression
Of angst and anxiety

These are not those words
These are different than those
These words are placed here with laserian accuracy
To clear the mind of baggage.
I don’t have
The closet space
For so many
Thoughts like candles lit
In the cathedral within the mind
Gradually burn out
Leaving the sacred
Scent of the future
Lighting the path of tomorrow
I have lit many candles
There for you

I dance with delight
Within your music
The air around you
Is charmed
And I crave to breathe it
With that breath
I will sing this melody
The stillness
In the confluence
Of  these

The love ship
Is still sailing
The forecast is still
Loving winds still
So please remember me
As you go
My hands and heart
Are open to you
The light
Within our smiles
The work
That laughter
Can do…
A gentle turn
Of phrase
Keys the heart
To open
Joyously adding
To the chaos
Having nothing to say
And saying it
With Love

Stop…please stop
Just for a moment…
Yes, let’s we two embrace
The sanity of this instant
And dwell in the wonder
Contained within the word
Four sweet little letters invoke
The greatest treasure available
Stop…remain… silent…
Wait for love
To arrive…know that
Love is waiting…waiting to be found!
You and I are loved…our lover brought us here
What’s between these hearts of ours
Is what really matters!
♥ Love of the mother is the mother of love ♥

I’ve sailed this sinking ship
Deep into the sea
The sea of souls called humanity
And though I’ve met sailors
True and strong
With vessels and cargo light as a song
I’ve seen or heard tell
Of none excepting one
Who has ever found the way
To sail His bounty
Home and back again

On the field of stillness
We will write this song
We two are together
Though we are apart
You are in this music
We are in this art

What day could
I treasure
More than this?
Sweet days of
My youth?
Days to come when
Dreams come
I’m holding them all in
My heart this
And now you are here
What could be more

We sing songs that are simple
they’re written in stone
Ideas may be timeless
though they are unknown

The world’s full of secrets the world’s full of pain
The truth is worth telling time and again
Love is the answer but the question remains
What is love, what is love?
again and again
Like a cloak ,myth and magic
Surround love
Love and legend
Spring up like flowers do
And testify to this mystery
The sacred geometry
Of love is drawn
Within the soul by the heart
The artist is painting and his painting will stand
The colours are leaping out of his hands
The dancer is dancing with his magic feet
The poet is rhyming while I sing along
The words, the reason and the soul of the song
The builder is building
As the sculpture will mould
This timeless legend is yet untold
And so I seem simple all mindless but true
 Divining for holy water somewhere within you
Between a man and a woman
the sun the moon and stars
the snowy mountain
and across the vast prairie
Beneath the great oceans
Midst the stormy skies
Hidden, like the wind
Beside that atom, within the looking glass
Love’s mystery is what’s hiding
Not love itself
at all
Like one
crystal in the
sands of time
our love
is frozen
in that timeless hour glass
The sun
is almost rising,
the moon is fading fast

You will be gone
Our wishing stars are falling
My body filled with longing
Held capture in this song
A love that has no future
and never had a past
Lives eternal in the present

Loving heartbeat
That will always last
In this aloneness
I choose to love
Love the one I’m with
who is of course just me
That paradigm can be broken
By this clever
Truth will out and touch me
So I must bend
Hold fast to love
and the heart will mend

I know the inner sky
The brightest star of all!
Shining true beyond
the void within
Like a light house
the soul
She guides the seeker

She alone can truly speak your name
and hold the looking glass
your soul to frame
Each little thought
held captive in the mind…
then let go…
slips away
like a fish from the net
or a bird from the hand!
The memory of a love that I’ve felt
has its thumb-print
You like a timeless jailor
can summon it back
to the brain cell again
Return to this spiral gene
the imprint of a memory that has been
for though our
hooked to the past
is not our future
written in the stars
like our image in the
looking glass?
Only to stop
in fractured
to take stock or
piece the broken spirit back together
Lend guidance to love’s return

the puppeteer
will test the
the tightrope
the wire
This is the heart’s great river in which we swim
This the universe within
This the body which touches everything
That ever was or ever will be…
I know the walls of hell are made of shame
So I forgive it all! I adore the moon
And I love every star I’ve ever seen
I listen
A song that’s sung from paradise
Comes through the sacred heart
It brings us to the soul of love
The place where love meets art

Take my hand and hear my creed

I will leave my footprints in the virgin snow
I will write your story in to my heart
I will carry the holy book
With me when I travel
I will sing songs of love and desire
I will embroider their
melodies around the  image
of  you

I will hold your image
as sacred as the moon
and as virile as the sun…
I will compass the stars
With my grain of sand
I will know nothing except
That which I can share with
May I play the music that you are?
Your flesh is aquiver with this rhythm…
The architecture of your spirit
Is concealed in this melody
Hear its harmonies hanging in these chords
Like a trillion galaxies in the night sky within
Yes of course you are made of music
The pure form on which each particle hangs
Like a delicate turn of phase
A grace note here
A subtle pause there
Your body is like an astral scherzo
It might just as well be fashioned in stone
But is flesh and blood not the sweeter form?
The instrument of choice is you
I hear you singing in this wilderness
That they call me

There within in this heart
The radiance of your song
Begins again
and again the timber of your voice
Shines a brighter hue
Into the tired anthem that I am
Of course I know the music that you are by heart!

You did not choose to be a flower
For me your heaven’s scent
You did not choose to be a tiger
Though I find my soul is rent
You did not choose to be a mountain
You are the stone on which I stand
You did not choose to be alone
You chose to take my hand


If You Choose To Love:
by Ross Barrett / Quotes from Eckhart Tolle

Ross & Nathan Barrett
Tyr Jami
Don Cumming
Nathan Barrett
Sax, Alto Clarinet, Flute, Piano:
Ross Barrett
@ Barrel-House Sound by Scot
 Baker Street Studios by Terry Wicks