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You could come in
Looking like that
Come in
Out of the night

Surprise yourself…No one else !
Come in to see
Me be who I am
You can still
Call me up
Even on the phone
I'm still here
Yes I'm home

They can walk by
Knee deep
In astral gook …As they slog
Eyes thick with blindness
Deafening Humdrum
Numb to the touch
Too dumb to speak
To you or I
Yet we're listening …Too

And so I go
on and on and on
longing for a
truth to set us
slippery thoughts
sliding by
try again and so
I do
Come in out of
The night
Looking like that

Holding on to a memory of me
Playing ukulele
On the corner
Of Haight and Ashburry
Just someday I'd
write about that
True …like destiny…things
You make yourself do

Then it's my nature
to think of you
coming in out
of the night
have some part of
you lit by my

These melodies have
sustained me through
years of confusion
these harmonies too
this rhythm even
now carries me

but I feel this pen failing
as I write each
word paler than
the last
each thought
thought with slightly
less intensity

As the soul slowly
Runs out of ink
The heart out of fear
The spirit out of light
To fade inexplicably out of sight

And so
You come in out of the night
Then begin to spin 'round
About like
the child you once were…

I've always been
Your brother
you thought not

We have tasted similar
Been burnt
By the same

like waves washed away
our sorrow too

all this strange
light shining from
within and without
as starlight can be

or these whiskey soaked pages
may evoke
as they stumbled out of Stephen's trunk
the book staggered drunk
and wobbly
each page wrinkled
and warped

only to be twisted
from one end through to the other
by a string of narrative

Tied like light knots
in a Celtic braid
fiber optic bard
sparkling without meaning ;
Shards of truth…alien
Yet the language fails to carry

Sometimes the melody can fall flat
The music doesn't always work
The harmonies must generate a charm
Or they're better left unsung

Fumble mumble
Trip and tumble
Yet to intend
and the intention felt

This could move the heart
As surely as that brilliant art
and craft the Master gave
to the timeless canvas

So why not stab the beast again
If only to roust him from his sleep
See what he'll do
Before we run away
and hide beneath our beds
and safety of hidden heads
only to come out
and sing another day
children will play:
spin to the right spin to the left
The ( , ) = 1 divided by 3 12xs
531441 * in search of a new number:
1 multiplied by 3 12xs
-524228 would put one on the
_______ other side of the comma
two comas present
.007213 X 2 =.014426 themselves on either
side of the fundamental
360 365 ¼ ---5 ¼ -----.014426 the comma
like the music
the math
doesn't always go
the way
you might expect.

Up and @ 'em
The early bird
waits around
for it all to begin …it will all be discovered!!!

When the all is on my shoulder
And though
the rain must fall on us all
some have umbrellas
and some just hum
"Singin' in the rain"
or some mindless refrain…

To ease the pain
Stay the same
No one to blame

Now to continue
or to begin anew

You could come in
looking like
and still I would love you

Though your expectation
Has been so long bent and twisted
You have made your resolve
To define me so…

Yet I have some melodies
Treasures in my blank palm
you gave me
from your mystic heart
that remain
of love

Give them on and on

Learning new rhythms
To ancient songs
Learning new songs
to ancient rhythms

hand in hand
we have lead each other
past illusions
for 10,000 years or more

And yet this dance
this romance
these lyrics
remain a secret
kept by lovers alone

Love's secret bower
Hidden within our very particles
No one is forbidden to lift the veil

We all know the key
The melody
And the rhythm too
The commonality of the dance
Is amazing

as a floodgate
stands bolted
and blocked
root to top and in between

and yet the child
willy nilly
chant the truth in rhyme
and skipping time
her little feet
echo down the sleepy streets of play…

the need
the bleed
and still to heed
a limerick's child-like sense
the heart to feed
that sacred blood given in love

Sow a song along
Time's passing line
these pages have been ruled
by more than 160 sets of line after line
we all must be ruled

You could come in
Looking like that ! ! !
And still
I'd be here loving you ! ! ?

Sinking into the
Like a knife
into an old

The Vesica Piscis
Spews forth the everything
Out from the division
of that All-pervading
singularity of the mystical


Zero; and form out the stillness comes
The initial vibration
The seminal giggle
Split the golden mean of time and space
Past, present and future

Fused here and now
on this most critical line of all
this one right here where
"X"marks the spot

And "eye" stumble
back into the rain again
oblivious to the truth…still blind

Again refrain
The brain again
and yet again you stumble in
looking like that
all tears and falling apart

you too must die
and meet the realization
of the minuteness of the grandeur seen
in that totality you know as you

a commonality we share
conception point
Reflected in the circumference
of our uncle's dying …

Still the song
the stillness
just before the song
That stillness just after
as the awe of the beauty
holds us spellbound

there in that hanging spot
before the applause
before the hustle bustle
of the clapping and the accolades

measuring the depth and breadth
of that stillness
holding its silent core
there within those several heart beats

held as hugging the little child
hugging the zero-ness
knowing a decided love is there
in that stillness

an unqualified all pervading love
that through the wellspring of that nothing
which swallows up the void
between lovers' hearts

like breakfast freshly squeezed
and a flame freshly lit
like nectars
given to a bumble-bee
in spring

singing about the symmetry
of blossoms
the flower within
the pineal gland transforms
the mystic white light
of the Kundalini snake
from astral to actual nectars
nectars whose grace
will guide our flesh
to reason

with ecstasy about
the ecstatic dance of celebration
must begin

dancing in out of the rain
looking like you do
it's true for me as it is for you too
and so we two dance
on through this garden
of delight

into the deepness
of our separate nights
black as coal
must we huddle
all alone
so long
longing so

that lonely place of solitude
what unforgotten twist
would bring us here
whining whimpering

rue and woe
mother bound the child runs
love of the mother
is the mother of love

seeing permanence
in that which changes
in that which passes away
coals in the camp fire
fused with the flame
of forever
take my hand
now we'll walk
in out of the rain together
looking like this
and into the flame

courage ! we'll not burn
but purify
we dance down the coals
feet feeling only the music
the heart its ear will hear
art here
he rings
like a bell

splitting chime to charm
the line with rhyme
pin the prose to the page
like a butterfly
caught in a collection
flightless except
for its memory of flight

these thoughts
like a bolt of loneliness
plucking the wings
so flightless
we stand

What does a rhythm like that mean ?
Does it call us to dance or to war
Is it charged with romance or lust
Must we then
Feel beyond the pulsing beat into the origin
Of birth
The pounding feet beneath our heart

One two : one two

How long has this been going on

Until an angel
Spoke of the trinity
and reunited us all to one
Where we had once begun

Merci , Merci , Merci !!!

If nothing else
Magic is useful
With wand in hand
dance this waltz
in out of the rain
that falls willy nilly
Between these loving hearts

Amongst the starry clouds
we hang
Listening for the muse
to begin again
and again we return
to the end of each
and every song

Some songs are so old
their tail is in their mouth
and the last beat lay next to the first
in seamless symmetry

Repetition…of that treasured tune
echoing into the trillion souls
who have witnessed
the infinite forgiveness
of the future

Listen now to that mystic chorus
Or is it your first time around?
Fresh feet on virgin ground
Baby ears hearing cheers
upon the world's stage

the stage is cheering too
maybe it's you who'll
save us all
from the crushing fall

small chance for romance I say

but I don't turn away
I remain and cheer
Them on

for what else can we do
trust in the little babies
and hope for the best
make a prayer for the rest
who says we must pass what test

I'm here with you not for you
we dance on separate feet
to the same ancient strain
our minds hold hands
in separate brains
and hear the same refrain

the all pervading melody
resounds on timeless beats
the simple song in stone repeats
linked to the past as pyramids
still sing their song
and the wise listen
to the future too

the rattle of the snake's tail
will be swallowed
into the mouth of the present

and the harmony
the melody
and rhythm
in trinity reside

surrounding the truth
like a cloak
protecting the sacred dove of love
within the coven's
secret place

amongst the stairs
the stairs leading in out of the rain
a spiral staircase
like the glyph of the flame …

Stranger colors are seen
in these twilight days
of the end of time
infrared and ultraviolet hues
reach beyond the senses
of old

for surely now we will rise
to dance with the quick
on astral ponds ringing bells
and sounding horns
pounding drums
and bowing strings

as voices sing
in the union
of then
and now
in such sweet cadence
all supreme the love
river like flows
amongst the starry hearts

light as a feather
and the sweetest soul floats
above the tide of souls
so homeward bound
this harmony resounds

from mountain peak
to valley low
the gale storm of love
and coming to be
here there and everyway

sleepy angel awaken now
and join my hand in dance
our feet trip the sacred tune
though your feet
feel no shoe
as mine do
newly we share the dance

stranger colors cloud my eyes
to see anew
you beyond the violet hue
from out the stillness
you shine above the highest point
beyond the mind
this is easy and so it should be

a string of words
that can rip the leaves off trees
and send thoughts
off into a new season
like time bandits do
or scattered truths
fall like petals
from the forgotten rose:

now anew the hope springs up
like a melody
calling together
the order of communion
and the sacred cup.

This table has all these years
supported these books
so many words weighed in!
Some light as a feather
some not so …
all forgotten
in the anonymity of my craft

and still I come in out of the rain
looking like this
thinking nothing has changed me
no turn of events
has colored me a deeper hue
I'm the same
though I'm wrinkled and gray
I still have nothing to say

losing touch is nothing personal
withdrawing into the festival of self
as old friends die off
and lovers find their way away
the silence of aloneness
has a sweet beauty

peace a treasure unfamiliar in youth
almost feared
surely words will not describe
the shape I'm in

staggering in out of the rain
still loving you
and though I have nothing to say
I must say it anyway

and do not fear futility
anymore then I fear my poverty
living without purpose
can be joyous
has a kind of elegance

like pondering the sudden occasion
of a crow
taking flight
and shitting
as if to give import
to the event

and me there
understanding the message
but I'll not sacrifice a sheep
to divine the future from her guts …
No not I

Though I stumble in
looking like this
still loving you too!

Come and hear my prayers
Graveside we are standing
Helpless except for hope

Come and hear my prayers
Like songs sung to paradise
From terra firma

The stars resound in silent gesture
As the heart takes wing
Off into the void
The brightest star the star within
The shadow of the Son .

"Hept" and ready to go
it's time to depart.
Each departure
leaves slightly less impact
finally no one even notices
you're gone

And even if you're back
somehow you seem
like part of you
is gone
and you belong
to another space and time

and once again
I come in out of the rain...
I'm disheveled… almost derelict
yet I'm still loving you .

from the empty page
to the completed sentence
and paragraph
the medium
is much like music
except words
are ever so much ruder
than notes

even beautiful words
like "bumble bee"
or "yes"
they are so charged with meaning
the beauty
of the sound of the word
is always eclipsed
by the clumsiness
of the meaning …

words are like little meat axes
that hack away at our minds
where notes
simply invoke meaning
into the being's heart
like perfume or kisses.

Our heartland's ablaze
So many souls burning
But now the rain has returned
to this arid land
and fires will quit their raging
and devastation
Will retreat
warrior spirit waning

Venus brings herself near
and I hold myself
aching and aching
for her wonderful love

Shining still and constant
into our sky
these planets like our own
are all very separate
such vast distances between
and amongst them

a family is like a solar system
in a galaxy of humans
feeling the spiritual gravity
that binds us seed to seed
mother to son
father to daughter
these rivers run
down the ages pearls on a string
into the sea of humanity
we swim

wet and worn we stumble in
looking like that
for that's what we've become
and so you offer me a towel
and we must laugh
for still we are so much the same

the river washes us
again and again
time twists and twists us
again yet again

curious about little things
that might happen to me
to open up yet another universe
of thought and feeling
another undiscovered facet of love

inching closer to the flame
moth like in innocence
daring as a child

the child's heart comes
skipping up the timeline
into this withered old body
and reminds me how blithe
and resilient
it is to be three

my perfect little index finger
through the flame
smiling, giggling
reminding me that fear
is the fool's folly
and love the path of wisdom

step right into the flame
all you have to lose is your guilt
and your ignorance

walk in out of the flame
looking like that all ablaze with love
that violet hue surrounds us
like the shining sun
love warms everyone

and once again we've begun
the ancient journey
to the center of the heart
to hold the stillness with both hands
gently as you might hold a bird
you are about to give freedom's flight

there once was a melody
so pure and strong
it invoked a thousand harmonies
to come and sing along

and a thousand rhythms
began to beat and charm
two thousand feet to dance and leap
and raise a thousand hearts
to fly like birds into the mystic sky

and so the story remains
to be told
of that voice that began
to unfold that charming tune

like petals of a flower will unfurl
in sweet exotic turn
and move the listener's mind
to be in a place anew

bright virgin realms
of heightened joy
which no words can describe
a voice of blessed charm and grace
transported all within the compass
of its magic
into the face of sacred truth

from the stillness within us all
this melody came
and to the stillness it does return
bracing each careful note
with rests so deep and pure
this treasure to frame

the initial vibration to resound
creation's source
is found there in that sound
sweet virgin's note
to begin and then begin again
and measure the silence
that remains within

before and after that song is sung
sweet throat that tune to carry along
into the eternal future
invoking creation into being
give each thing its name and shape
scoring creations map
in melody

form from music springs
as a river runs forth a lake to be
then a sea
and an ocean to fill
that instant and eternity

so it was this song was sung
and if you will
please sing along
for in chorus
we may join brother and sister
in one melody unite

and stumble in
out of music's crazy flight
stumble into the mundane
looking like we do
know I still love you too
and you still owe me nothing

Like a miner
follows a vein of pure gold
to its source
my musician's heart
is trained

ears that melody to hear
from the cacophony that surrounds me
I most constantly divine
the original melody

in time
these words
not so carefully strung in rhyme
in small measure serve
to divine this quest
and will attempt to explain
to myself and you
what we must needs do

for in truth I think we're lost
and we stumble in to find
that I'm completely out of my mind
broken and wingless I have flown here
to be with you
tell you I love you
together listen for the tune
to return

like a seed newly sown
listen to it grow
into a melody we know
listen for its beauty to display itself
as it will
listen for its guidance
into harmony
listen to the pulse
to propel our separate feet
to dance
listen to the path of reason to return…

hope is always hidden
within that melody

because this book will never end
I declare this the beginning once again
and now I start here at this spot anew
to tell you what I meant to do
and how I got lost along the way

And what I meant to say
and pray
you have the patience to hear me out
and trust us what we're on about

you and I are tossed
upon this sea of words
paddles guide us along to cast a spell
our boat the cradle
the sea the song

all this analogy
has us confounded and confused
devoid of logic
by words abused.

We stumble in un-amused
just to feel the love we have unexplained
you and I on this page remain
listen for the melody once again
for surely to both of us
she will sing
and her song of truth will bring
us home

bring us back
to the harmony children know
take away the confusion
the world has shown
bring us back into the light
that once was given
set us right

and right us true on the path again
not to stumble but to fly
in out of the rain looking like that
as we do
hear the words I love you too
echoing down the melody's strain
and there it will begin again

a song like that can have no end
and he who began it remains a friend
and thank you I say to everyone
that gave Him life
plant the seed in the Father's wife

fly me home
I'm not alone
into the shadow I fall
pulled by love and faith unborn
towards that bright star
in the sky within

humanity's conception place
to begin
and begin again anew
each time I sing that same song
I find something new

and when I sing it to you
as I sometimes do
it has a special turn of phrase
that never wearies me

But tastes fresh on my tongue
out the old throat comes new melody
for music has a way to serve
the instant with its grace and charm
the tired heart to shine

phrase on phrase
line on line
the music carries us forward
time on time
as tempo can move ahead or drag behind

still the music can silent be
and wait a moment
while we rest
a moment or an eternity

like a mirror tricks the eye and mind
so music a loophole can find
and carry us away from here
move the heart with flight and art
to a place
completely full
with ecstatic joy

where angels meet
and lovers greet

where hearts resound
like sacred bells
celestial chimes
harp strings orchestrate
these assertive phrases
the melody made
to rise beyond the compass
of the ear ultraviolet sonic hue

sardonic profundities… not here
no imponderable pontifications
or gothic rhetoric …
the mindless chattering
of the pretentious world
fades as its distant din
wears thin and now is gone

and on a bed of silence
these melodies lay
in sweet clarity, pure simplicity
and gentle grace

if memory serves
you're still stumbling in out of the night
so I must
catch you there
and say I love you
looking like that as you do
and me too
for that matter
we two are after all
cut from the same stone
same blood
same bone. ¶